A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from April 20, 2012
“Don’t panic, it’s organic”

The saying “don’t panic, it’s organic” (encouraging the use of organic foods) has been printed on many images. American fitness pioneer, actor and writer Gypsy Boots (1915-2004) said “don’t panic—go organic” in 1963. “Don’t panic—it’s organic” has been cited in print since at least 1971.
“Don’t panic, eat organic” has been cited in print since at least 1989 and “Don’t panic, buy organic” from 1994. “Don’t panic, it’s organic” has also been used to encourage certain natural drug use.
The saying “Don’t panic, it’s organic” appears to have been trademarked (by Andy Lopez, the ‘Invisible Gardener”) with a first date of use from 1972.
Wikipedia: Gypsy Boots
Gypsy Boots (August 19, 1915 – August 8, 2004), born Robert Bootzin (also known as Boots Bootzin), was an American fitness pioneer, actor and writer. He is credited with laying the foundation for the acceptance by mainstream America of “alternative” lifestyles such as yoga and health food. His books Barefeet and Good Things to Eat and the memoir The Gypsy in Me gained him a cult following.
27 May 1963, Independent (Long Beach, CA), pg. C-3, col. 5:
Things turned sour for Bo Belinsky Saturday and continued the same way for his number one fan, Gypsy Boots, Sunday.
“I did not feel I was causing a disturbance,” said Gypsy. “Those policeman should partake of a little of my philosophy—don’t panic, go organic.”
4 March 1971, The Desert Sentinel (Desert Hot Springs, CA), pg. 7, col. 7 ad:
Don’t Panic—Go Organic
6 June 1971, San Francisco (CA) Examiner, “What Have We Got To Lose…?” by John L. Wasserman, Date Book sec., pg. 31, col. 1:
Moving right along, we find that Gypsy Boots, a legend in his own time, health food fadist and crypto-groupie, has announced that he will oppose Pat Paulson for the Presidency in 1972. “Don’T Panic, Go Organic” will, Boots reports, be his campaign slogan. “In my cabinet,” he concluded, “I’ll have a lot of organic fruits and vegetables.”
What have we got to lose…?
6 June 1971, The Oregon Statesman (Salem, OR), sec. 1, pg. 7, col. 8 ad:
(A Plant’s Garden Center.—ed.)
27 September 1981, Spectrum (Saint George, UT), “Knitty Gritty restaurant opens in Laverkin, Review sec., pg. 2, cols. 1-2:
“Don’t panic—It’s organic” is our motto, laughed Joanne Michaels, operator of the Knitty Gritty store in Hurricane, and sponsor of the Laverkin cafe.
26 August 1984, Atlanta (GA) Constitution,  “Mother’s Promised Land” by Patricia Ward Biederman, magazine sec., pg. 28, col. 3:
The publisher has also advocated licensing the

image, which is immeidately identifiable in it’s own dont-panic-it’s-organic way as Playboy and other licensed lifestyles.
Google Books
Language Arts Activities for the Classroom (2nd edition)
By Sidney W. Tiedt and Iris M. Tiedt
Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon
Pg. 402:
Don’t Panic, It’s Organic — featuring organic gardening
18 February 1988, Los Angeles (CA) Times, ”
Sitting on Top of the World: Marina’s Cherokee Parks Has Name, Game, Fame” by Ann Killion, Sports, pg. 10:
Parks’ height came from his parents (Debe is 5-11), and his present physical stature may also be attributed to his parents’ “don’t panic, it’s organic” mentality.
17 August 1989, Daily News of Los Angeles (CA), “Hot Tips”:
GOOCH, THAT health-food fanatic, has a new slogan: Don’t panic, eat organic.
Google Books
13 May 1992, The Daily Sentinel (Pomeroy-Middleport, OH), pg. 9, col. 3:
Chester Garden Club
members give reports

The May meeting of Chester Garden Club at the home of Kathryn Mora developed the topic “Don’t Panic It’s Organic.”
13 August 1993, Rockford (IL) Register Star, “Bumper crop of memories,” pg. 6A, col. 2:
At the south end of the market, vendor Harvey Huftalin stood under a sign reading, “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic.”
29 September 1994, Aberdeen (SD) American News, “Consumers push for more organic food” by Marilynn Wheeler (Associated Press Writer), pg. C1, col. 1:
FARGO, N.D.—There used to be a mantra among the alfalfa sprout set: Don’t panic, buy organic.
17 May 1995, Wichita (KS) Eagle, Living, pg. 1C:
Don’t Panic, It’s Organic
For those who want it, chemical-free food is available

Urban Dictionary
don’t panic it’s organic
a phrase you say to people when they are freaking out from smoking too much pot or eating too many shrooms
“dude i’m freaking out.”
“don’t panic it’s organic”

by turkeyfunk Sep 8, 2008
Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Educational services, namely, conducting classes in the field of organic gardening and farming. FIRST USE: 19720000. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19720000
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 76625402
Filing Date December 22, 2004
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition April 4, 2006
Registration Number 3108497
Registration Date June 27, 2006
Owner (REGISTRANT) Lopez, Andy INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 11902 Whitewater Lane Malibu CALIFORNIA 90265
Attorney of Record Richard A. Flynt
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

Goods and Services IC 031. US 046. G & S: fresh apples. FIRST USE: 19911201. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19911201
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 74092771
Filing Date August 30, 1990
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1B
Published for Opposition June 25, 1991
Registration Number 1705936
Registration Date August 4, 1992
Owner (REGISTRANT) Campbell, Clinton D. INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES Post Office Box 278 Chelan WASHINGTON 98816
Attorney of Record GEORGE G. GRIGEL
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Affidavit Text SECT 15. SECT 8 (6-YR). SECTION 8(10-YR) 20050707.
Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 20050707
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE
Goods and Services IC 003. US 001 004 006 050 051 052. G & S: HEALTH AND BODY CARE PRODUCTS AND PREPARATIONS, NAMELY, ORGANIC LIP-BALM. FIRST USE: 20020715. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20020715
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 78185681
Filing Date November 15, 2002
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition July 1, 2003
Registration Number 2766922
Registration Date September 23, 2003
Owner (REGISTRANT) Eco Lips, Inc. CORPORATION CALIFORNIA 142 C Main Street Seal Beach CALIFORNIA 90740
(LAST LISTED OWNER) Eco Lips, Inc. CORPORATION IOWA 329 Tenth Avenue, SE Cedar Rapids IOWA 52401
Attorney of Record Vernon P. Squires
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Affidavit Text SECT 15. SECT 8 (6-YR).
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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