A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“You can’t tax your way to prosperity. You can’t bomb your way to security. And you can’t ban your way to liberty” (4/21)
“You can’t bomb your way to security” (4/21)
“You can’t bomb your way to democracy” (4/21)
“You can’t ban your way to freedom” (4/21)
“If you can’t expose crime in the government, you don’t really have a government. You have a dictatorship…” (4/21)
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Entry from October 24, 2018
“Donut worry, be happy” (“Doughnut worry, be happy”)

“Donut worry, be happy”—a pun on “don’t worry, be happy”—is a saying that has been printed on many images. “Donut worry.  Be happy” was posted on the newsgroup rec.sport.football.college on November 9, 2002. “#bakerymishapsongs - Bobby McFerrin: ‘Doughnut Worry, Be Happy’” was posted on Twitter by VeryVeryBored on March 12, 2010.
Google Groups: rec.sport.football.college
day after election thoughts….
Stupendous Man
Donut worry.  Be happy.
Google Groups: rec.arts.anime.misc
Last Call
Galen Musbach
1595327169 Mucha Lucha! Donut Worry, Be Happy! 01
Jose Tua
Mucha Lucha! Donut Worry, Be Happy! (Mucha Lucha!) (Open Library): works: Mucha Lucha! Donut Worry, Be Happy! (Muc… http://bit.ly/6iJrGp
8:54 AM - 18 Jan 2010
#bakerymishapsongs - Bobby McFerrin: “Doughnut Worry, Be Happy”
9:59 AM - 12 Mar 2010
14 February 2015, The Age (Melbourne, Victoria), “No middle ground for doughnut diehards” by Suzanne Carbone, pg. 21:
Other doughnut chasers share their squeals of delight on Instagram: “Walked like 30 minutes for a donut.” “It’s TTD - Time to Doughnut.” “Donut worry be happy!”
5 June 2015, Des Moines (IA) Register, “Good Morning, Iowa,” pg. 2A, col. 2:
Doughnut worry, be happy—Friday is National Doughnut Day!
amNY (New York, NY)
The craziest doughnuts in NYC
Updated November 5, 2015 6:09 PM
Doughnut worry, be happy! National Doughnut Day is around the corner, and to celebrate this year, skip the traditional cruller and Krispy Kreme. This June 5 consider trying one of the craziest, most unique versions of fried dough NYC has to offer.
35 Hilarious Donut Quotes In Celebration Of National Donut Day
Kayla Cavanagh
June 1, 2018
2. Nothing to worry about with this much sugar!
“Donut worry, be happy.”
8 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Eat Donuts
Here’s a preview: One donut has the same amount of fat as THREE cookies.

SEP 30, 2018
7 Donut puns are genuinely the worst part about donuts.
DONUT get me started on the donut puns out there. Working in the food world, I detest donut puns more than the actual donut itself. They’re cheap, cheesy, and make everyone groan when they read your “Donut worry, be happy” caption.
Elite Daily
36 Instagram Captions For Dunkin’ Donuts That Espresso How Much You Love It
October 23, 2018
6. “Donut worry, be happy.” — Unknown

Posted by Barry Popik
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