A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from November 10, 2009
Dungeon Alley (Dungeon District)

“Dungeon Alley” or “Dungeon District” is the nickname (cited in print since 2007) for a roughly 20-block area of Manhattan (between Chelsea and Midtown) that caters to the sex trade. Police enforcement “street sweeps” in 2008 have cut into the “Dungeon Alley” trade, making the seldom-used nickname less popular.
Time Out New York (Issue 627 : Oct 4–10, 2007)
Hideous kinky
Forget whips and chains: Some customers make even hardened dungeon mistresses queasy.

By Nicole Tourtelot, Illustration by Jesse Philips
Manhattan has a Financial District, a Meatpacking District, a Flower District and a Diamond District. Lesser known—at least to the hoi polloi—is the Dungeon District, or “Dungeon Alley.” This 20-block stretch between Chelsea and midtown is home to at least ten BDSM/fetish havens that cater to bondage, domination, submission and role-playing fantasies. And New Yorkers go way beyond “spank me.”
Sex! Work?
The Pink Scare, Round Two
By williamrockwell
Landing on the airstrip at La Guardia, back from Chicago’s Desiree Alliance conference, I overheard one classic and Bloombergian welcome back to New York: the NYPD staged a violent“prostitution” bust at Lou’s, also known as the Hot Lap Dance Club, a private loft club in Midtown Manhattan, and arrested another handful of New York’s sex workers.
It’s now been dubbed the Midtown “Lap-Dance ‘Bordello,” according to one of many articles circulated by the New York Post, one of Murdoch’s yellow rags that will stop at nothing to expose the Big Apple’s sex workers, from the escort “Kristen” of gubernatorial fame to the pro-dommes prosecuted under the recent Dungeon Alley busts.
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New York (NY) Post
Posted: 3:56 AM, October 6, 2008
Most houses on Dungeon Alley, the cluster of S&M clubs in Midtown, complain of similar woes.
New York Magazine - Daily Intel
Did You Know New York Has a ‘Dungeon Alley’?
10/6/08 at 10:07 AM
We didn’t. But that’s what the New York Post calls the twenty-block stretch of Manhattan between Chelsea and midtown (midtown, of course) that features no fewer than ten BDSM/fetish clubs. Finally, that neighborhood has a name! Some people have called it the Tenderloin, some people have called it Chelsea/Clinton (man, the double entendres here are spanking us!), but “Dungeon Alley” really has a special ring to it.
Cockroach - Music, Movies & Media
Monday, 24 August 2009
Bad Girls Go To Hell
But they go to New York first, obviously.
Cockroach Exclusive!
Author of The Forbidden Apple: A Century of Sex & Sin in New York City
Or, one might go to a semi-private fetish party in the ‘Dungeon District’ (near the Chelsea neighborhood in the upper West 20s).

Posted by Barry Popik
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