A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from July 23, 2020
“Eating a burger upside-down allows the thicker bun to the absorb the juices”

On “10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!” by The King of Random (Grant Thompson), broadcast on YouTube on uly 25, 2013, it was suggested to eat a hamburger upside-down. The advantage is that the top bun is usually thicker and better able to handle the juices.
A disadvantage is that parts might fly out if the hamburger is taken from the plate and flipped upside-down. Lettuce might fall out, and the sesame seeds of a bun (if seeded) might also come out. Also, eating a hamburger upside-down looks awkward to many people.
“Eating a burger upside-down is the proper way as it allows the thicker bun to the absorb the juices therefore making it less messy to eat” was posted on Reddit—Showerthoughts on July 22, 2020.
10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!
Jul 25, 2013
The King of Random
Paolo Paraiso
Tip:When eating a big burger that’s falling apart, turn it upside down.The top bun is thicker & supports the wt of the ingredients better
11:50 AM · Sep 30, 2013·Twitter for iPhone
Life Pro Tips
#LifeProTip: When you eat a giant hamburger eat it upside down, so it doesn’t get soggy and fall apart.
2:20 AM · Nov 12, 2013·Twitter Web Client
The Sun (London, UK)
WHAT A WHOPPER! OMG! Turns out you’ve been eating your burgers WRONG all this time
If you’re the kind of muncher who always ends up with bits of lettuce and tomato dribbling onto your shirt, this may come as welcome news

hayley richardson
17 Jul 2016, 12:37Updated: 17 Jul 2016, 13:25
According to life hacks expert Grant Thompson - who likes to be known as the ‘King of Random’ - the best way to eat your burger is upside down.
See, usually the top part of a hamburger bun is wider, thicker and sturdier than the bottom half - plus it has less to contend with as it sits on top of the filling rather than underneath it all.
OCT. 24 2016
Flipping the Burg
The Hack

Eat your hamburger upside down. That’s how AOL and The Sun say you should be doing it. And Youtube star Grant Thompson, “The King of Random” highlights this hack in his video 10 Lifehacks you need to know for summer (18 million views).
The Truth
Don’t eat your hamburger upside down.
Eat your burgers upside-down, food experts say
Everything you know about burger binging is wrong.

Bonnie Burton
Nov. 3, 2018 6:00 a.m. PT
One of the main reasons for this flip-side way of eating a burger is that the crown, or top of the bun, is usually thicker than the bottom, or heel.
The thicker, top part of the burger bun, food experts say, can better withstand all the meat and vegetable juices and condiments than the thinner bottom of the bun that gets soggier more quickly.
Amelia Ablan
Replying to @tinpapillon
In fact, eating a burger upside down is the correct way to eat a burger since the top bun is thicker. If you flip it upside down the juices absorb into the top bun, opposed to the thin bun. Therefore, the bottom (thin) bun will not break or become soggy if a burger is upside down
10:37 PM · Dec 30, 2018·Twitter for iPhone
Replying to @ChachiBobinks and @fluidfyre
Eating a burger upside-down is superior because the bottom bun doesn’t turn into a soggy mess. The top bun also absorbs more of the toppings and gets a richer flavor.
12:51 PM · Dec 13, 2019·Twitter for Android
Posted by u/leevini July 22, 2020
Eating a burger upside-down is the proper way as it allows the thicker bun to the absorb the juices therefore making it less messy to eat

Posted by Barry Popik
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