A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 13, 2023
Fake Spike (by the Miami Dolphins against the New York Jets, 1994)

The “fake spike” occurred when the Miami Dolphins were playing the New York Jets at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, on November 27, 1994.  The Jets were leading, 24-21. There were 38 seconds left, and the Dolphins had the ball on the 8-yard line. Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino yelled, “Clock! Clock! Clock!” and motioned as if he was going to spike the ball to stop the clock on the next play. However, Marino threw to wide receiver Mark Ingram, who scored a Miami touchdown for the winning margin, 28-24.
The football play has been called the “Clock Play” and the game has been called the “Fake Spike Game.”
Other famous/infamous New York Jets football terms include the “Butt Fumble” (2012), the “Fail Mary” or “Hell Mary” (2023), and the “Mud Bowl” (1983),
Wikipedia: Clock Play
The Clock Play was a famous trick play in American football, immortalized in what came to be known as the Fake Spike Game, played on November 27, 1994. The contest was played by the National Football League (NFL)‘s Miami Dolphins and New York Jets that featured one of the most famous comeback plays in league history. Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino ran a trick play, pretending to stop the game clock but instead threw a pass that scored the game-winning touchdown, ultimately giving Miami the 28–24 victory.
28 November 1994, Detroit (MI) Free Press, “Marino’s fake spike clocks Jets” (Free Press Wire Reports),  pg. 6C, cols. 2-3:
“Credit Bernie with coming up with that play,” Marino said of backup Bernie Kosar, who used it in Cleveland.  “I called the play to throw it into the ground. Mark’s the only guy who has got to know what I’m really doing.”
Marino let Ingram know by staring at him and barking, “Clock! Clock!”
Kosar said: “I called it on the headset before the play. We put it in the playbook a few weeks ago and we’ve been tinkering with it.”
Cornerback Aaron Glenn had his back to Marino after getting a late start, and teammates stopped moving.
“I really thought he was going to spike it,” Glenn said. “By the time I caught up with what was happening. Ingram was behind me.”
“Marino Fake Spike” Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (Week 13, 1994) | NFL Full Game
Dec 16, 2016
In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents: “The Fake Spike” - Dan Marino leads a vicious Dolphins comeback capped off by the infamous “Fake Spike”!
The Fake Spike: Dan Marino (1994)
NFL Archive
Jun 17, 2020
NFL posted a video to playlist Throwback.
September 15, 2022 ·
(Video is shown.—ed.)
On November 27th, 1994… Dan Marino pulled off his legendary “Fake Spike”.
(via NFL Throwback)
Jeff Capellini
So, just to summarize, we have:

The Mud Bowl
The Fake Spike
The Bubby Shovel Pass
The Butt Fumble
The Fail Mary
What am I missing? C’mon guys, I know there are dozens more. Stop sulking. Twitter is fun, lol. #Jets #TakeFlight
5:36 PM · Nov 24, 2023
Kevin Gallagher
November 27, 1994
After trailing the #Jets by 18 in the third quarter at the Meadowlands, #Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino orchestrates an improbable comeback to win, 28-24.
Down by three with a half-minute remaining, Marino fakes “clocking” the ball to stop the clock and fires an 8-yard game-winning touchdown pass to Mark Ingram. #FinsUp
(Video is shown.—ed.)
9:18 PM · Nov 27, 2023

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