A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 24, 2024
Fed Bois or Fedbois (federal government + boys)

“Fed Bois” or “fedbois” (federal government + boys) means agents of the federal government, often referring to undercover agents. The term is usually plural, but is sometimes singular as “fed boi” or “fedboi” (like “G-man” and “G-men”). “Fedboy” or “fed boy” is also used.
I got a question what type of rapper tell u every 5 minutes on twitter tell u he a trapper #FedBoi
12:11 PM 路 Dec 28, 2010
These here Fed boys aren’t used to someone fighting back….I just got called a piranha in high heels. Don’t know how I feel bout that! HA
3:14 PM 路 Aug 18, 2011
In It #4LIFE
Aint nuin I’m #4ort + #4000 shyt real..kno he ain’t got nuin on me..bet money no flugazy, ask ha she kno #FedBoi
2:37 AM 路 Jan 31, 2013
Urban Dictionary
Fed Boi
Government Agent
ATF Breaks down Door
Me: Shall not be Infringed, (Fed Boi)

by yeetcannon9 August 7, 2019
馃嚚馃嚟銈广偆銈规馃彺鈥嶁槧锔忊彸馃憗鈥嶐煑煄 @girlfailure
so former head of German Verfassungschutz called the #Halle attacker a “new kind of otaku terrorists”, and the minister of interior was worried about the “potential culprits out of the gamer scene”....
well bring on dem watchlist then, fedbois!
9:33 AM 路 Oct 13, 2019
Juris Jedi
Reposted from boogactual (
#2020election #boog #bigigloo #2a #2ndamendment #hootenany #goon #guns #freedom #beto #fedbois #bigiron #shallnotbeinfringed #guns鈥
Kevin C Willis (@juris_jedi) 鈥 Instagram photo
12:40 PM 路 Dec 30, 2019
I Need Exercise
Literally called it. Fed bois out here trying hard to catch you slipping but it isn’t working 馃槀馃槀
5:33 PM 路 Mar 13, 2020
King Harambe
Some of you may need a little laugh well here ya go. #memes2020 #CoronavirusLockdown #fedbois
9:40 PM 路 Mar 24, 2020
Bobby Casey
As if the #cops or #fedbois actually bother asking… #privacy #property #rights #surveillance #spying #liberties #government
2:50 PM 路 Apr 3, 2020
Urban Dictionary
stfu fucking fedboy i don鈥檛 sell anything鈥
by Nolan Corcoran October 17, 2021
Urban Dictionary
(noun): pejorative鈥攁n unquestioning supporter of the corporate and political establishment; a na茂ve consumer of mainstream media faux-revolutionary narratives; a class traitor; a fascist.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you go stage a riot fedboi!鈥
鈥淚 thought Chris was cool, but he reported my post like a total fedboi.鈥
鈥淥nly a fedboi would support a national _________ registry鈥攕traight up fascist behavior.鈥

by 0live0yl December 10, 2021
饾棴饾棓饾棥饾棗饾棙饾棩 |
They’ve also been fighting this battle for years, while you called them Nazis, doxed and defamed them. Now you show the most potential since post-Lulzsec/Commander X with a mediocre DDOS attack with your fedboys and act like you’re saving the world.
3:58 AM 路 Feb 26, 2022

Posted by Barry Popik
Wednesday, January 24, 2024 • Permalink

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