A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from May 03, 2019
“Fiesta. Siesta. Repeat”

“Fiesta. Siesta. Repeat” (or “Tequila. Fiesta. Siesta. Repeat” or “Fiesta. Siesta.Tequila. Repeat”) is a saying that has been printed on many images. “San Antonio: Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat” was printed in the San Antonio (TX) Express-News on December 14, 2008. “Funny #BumperSticker of the Day: Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat” was posted on Twitter by Wacky Stuff on November 15, 2010.
“Fiesta siesta tequila repeat” was posted on Twitter by Lindsey on March 19, 2013. “Will Carter - Fiesta Siesta Tequila Repeat” is a song that was posted on YouTube on November 27, 2018.
“Tequila, fiesta, siesta repeat” was posted on Twitter by Olivia on February 25, 2015. “Tequila, Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat” was posted on the website Brides on April 17, 2017.
14 December 2008, San Antonio (TX) Express-News, “Public arts projects to be unveiled at airport” by Dan R. Goddard, pg. H12:
Among the slogans he came up with: “HemisFair ‘68: You’re way too late,” “San Antonio: Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat,” “Summer in San Antonio: Sun tea in less than a minute” and “We’ve got lots of towns you can’t pronounce: Gruene and Boerne” as well a couple of posters touting skiing and mountain-climbing in the Hill Country.
Wacky Stuff
Funny #BumperSticker of the Day: Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat
6:43 PM - 15 Nov 2010
Sarah Digby
FIESTA. SIESTA. REPEAT.  http://plixi.com/p/85193477
9:27 AM - 19 Mar 2011
Fiesta, siesta, repeat.
3:24 PM - 23 Apr 2011
Fiesta siesta tequila repeat
9:38 PM - 19 Mar 2013
Rockin Robin
“Fiesta. siesta. tequila. repeat” 👏 yaaaas
11:52 AM - 20 Mar 2013
drunk girl problems
fiesta, siesta, tequila, repeat.
4:11 PM - 20 Mar 2013
Tequila, fiesta, siesta repeat
6:22 PM - 25 Feb 2015
Myrtle Beach (SC) Online
Grab a sombrero and party this Cinco de Mayo at a Myrtle Beach-area Mexican restaurant near you
By Josh Bell
APRIL 29, 2015 04:50 AM, UPDATED MAY 05, 2015 08:32 AM
The restaurant will serve food and drinks all day and night long. (Or, in their words, “fiesta, siesta, tequila, repeat.)
Stephanie Schecter
@BravoWWHL @Andy Tequila, fiesta,  siesta..repeat. #NationalMargaritaDay #MargaReady #weloveyouAndy #RHOVoorheesNJTranslate Tweet
8:44 PM - 16 Feb 2016
Jewel Toned Latina
Tequila, Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat #CincoDeMayo #JewelToned #vibes
6:29 PM - 5 May 2016
A Real Bride’s Guide to Planning Your Own Bachelorette Party
By Lauren Hayes
Published on April 17, 2017
I also created swag bags for all of the girls that included Wedding Bags’ “Tequila, Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat” totes, ...
4 May 2017, The Morning Call (Allentown, PA), GO Guide, pg. 5, col. 1 ad:
Fiesta, siesta, tequila, repeat
(Casa Toro Mexican Grill, 7001 N. Route 309, Coopersburg, PA.—ed.)
Nikki Beach Global
June 18, 2018 ·
Fiesta, siesta, repeat.
Will Carter - Fiesta Siesta Tequila Repeat
Published on Nov 27, 2018
OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat!
Google Books
Title Fiesta Siesta Repeat: A 6x9 Inch Matte Softcover Journal Notebook with 120 Blank Lined Pages and a Funny Cinco de Mayo Celebration Cover Slo
Author Getthread Granite Journals
Publisher Independently Published, 2019
ISBN 1798641445, 9781798641446
Length 122 pages
Houston (TX) Chronicle
14 Houston albums to get excited about in 2019
By Joey Guerra Updated 10:34 am CST, Thursday, January 10, 2019
6. “Good, Bad Idea,” Will Carter
Genre: Country
Carter acknowledges the genre’s past and puts a fresh spin on things with this album. Featuring the infectious single “Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat,” and “Red Sunrise,” a eulogy for his late father.
Release date: April 12
FIESTA, SIESTA, REPEAT…The Galleria Office Towers annual Cinco De Mayo Party is this Friday! Join us in Two Galleria Tower. You won’t want to miss Mi Cocina and the live mariachi! 💃🏼
3:29 PM - 1 May 2019
Rebecca Creek Radio
#NowPlaying Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat by Will Carter
9:57 PM - 1 May 2019

Posted by Barry Popik
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