A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from May 05, 2005
Freedom Tower (or, Pataki’s Pit)
"Freedom Tower" was coined by New York Governor George Pataki in April 2003. It's the building that is planned to replace the World Trade Center towers, destroyed on September 11, 2001.

Another "Freedom Tower" exists in Miami, Florida.

New York's "Freedom Tower" project has been stalled. The New York Post has been calling the site "Pataki's Pit," punctuated in a May 5, 2005 editorial.

13 May 2001, Knight Ridder Tribune Business News, "Historic Miami Tower Gets New Life, Identity" by Fabiola Santiago:
Downtown Miami's graceful beacon is about to shine again.

During its 77-year history, the Freedom Tower has housed a newspaper and a refugee processing center, held wedding parties and gala balls, and been a home to vagrants who spent the night and scribbled graffiti on its crumbling walls.

Soon, the 19-story Mediterranean-style landmark at the heart of the Miami skyline will glimmer with a new identity, adding yet another chapter to its eclectic story line.

After years of faded glory and neglect, the distinctive building is undergoing a $40 million transformation. It is scheduled to reopen May 20, 2002, on the centenary of Cuba's independence, as an interactive museum, research center and library chronicling the Cuban exile experience in South Florida.
Its architecture inspired by the Giralda Tower in Seville, Spain, the Freedom Tower was built in 1924 to house The Miami Daily News (formerly the Metropolis). But the building proved inadequate for a newspaper -- with delivery trucks having problems with traffic on busy Biscayne Boulevard.

After the newspaper moved to more modern quarters in 1957, the tower was leased by the U.S. government and used as the Cuban Refugee Emergency Center from 1962 to 1974.

25 April 2003, Bond Buyer, pg. 1:
Between $2.55 billion and $2.85 billion of the $20.6 billion in federal recovery funds for New York City would be used to build a new World Trade Center transportation hub, a Fulton Street transit center, and a reconstructed South Ferry subway terminal, under a plan released yesterday by New York Gov. George E. Pataki.
Pataki said that the structure of Libeskind's proposed 1,776-foot tall "freedom tower" would be topped off with a "new icon" in time for the anniversary and that the architect's so-called Wedge of Light Piazza would be completed at the same time. The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey would develop the two projects along with a retail project and a memorial substructure complex that would also be ready by Sept. 11, 2006.

25 April 2003, New York Times, pg. B1, col. 5:
Gov. George E. Pataki, promising ''a renewed sense of urgency'' in the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, laid out a plan yesterday to complete substantial portions of the work at the World Trade Center site by the fifth anniversary of the attack of Sept. 11, 2001.
Mr. Pataki also promised $50 million in improvements to make it easier to get around downtown, and he vowed to make the governor's New York City office the first tenant in the new skyscraper, which he called the ''Freedom Tower.''

7 April 2005, New York Post, pg. 34:
What will it be, governor?

Ground Zero Reborn?

Or Pataki's Pit?

9 April 2005, New York Post, pg. 26:
If the site remains a pathetic, muddy hole for much longer, the gov will deserve the lion's share of the blame.

Pataki's Pit will be his legacy.

15 April 2005, New York Post, pg. 32:
That's important - because there's a lot more to do to get Ground Zero moving. The Freedom Tower - the keynote structure to rise from the pit - is behind schedule. The permanent PATH station, another project anchor, also faces problems.

Pataki's got to show the same burst of energy in breaking other logjams as he did in solving the tunnel dilemma. If he doesn't, "Pataki's Pit" will be his legacy.

5 May 2005, New York Post, pg. 30 editorial:
Gov. Pataki, having been mugged by reality, yesterday scrapped the design for the 1,776-foot-tall Freedom Tower at Ground Zero.

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