A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from June 09, 2020
Fuck 12 (anti-police saying)

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Wiktionary: fuck 12
From fuck +‎ 12, of uncertain origin.
. 12 possibly derives from 1312, an alternative form of ACAB (“all cops are bastards”) in which the letters are substituted with their position in the alphabet.
/ 12 might originate from the American police procedural television series Adam-12, in which 1-Adam-12 refers to a patrol unit and its radio call sign.
fuck 12

1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) Fuck the police, an anti-police slogan protesting police behaviour.
Know Your Meme
Fuck 12
The use of this expression appears online as early as 2014, though the exact origins are unknown. Some attribute the origins of this term to Atlanta, Georgia or Oakland, California. “Fuck 12” also frequently appears in a number of hip-hop songs, both in titles and lyrics. On June 13th, 2013, hip-hop trio Migos released the song “Fuck 12” on their mixtape YRN (seen below), which contains the lyrics “Aye throw that shit, throw that shit 12 outside” and “12 kickin’ in my front door,” which refers to disposing of narcotics as police/DEA arrive.
Urban Dictionary
the police.
aye folk there go twelve right there.
by monolog May 06, 2003
Lee Davis
I burn rubbers like my last two cars. Fuck twelve…yall can keep my last two bars.
2:33 AM · Aug 11, 2009·Twitter Web Client
Yoga Dad
RT @Me and my nigga Brando just got pulled over on some dumb shit…. Cuz we niggas in a cadi….sad thing it was a nigga cop. [Fuck 12]
3:34 PM · Aug 13, 2009·Twitter Web Client
ii hope my brother qets a bond tomorrow ! fuck twelve #yeahisaidit <"[-;fREE~tJ*.)">

9:27 PM · Apr 6, 2010·Twitter SMS
Fuck 1312 !!!
5:28 PM · Jan 7, 2011·Twitter for BlackBerry®
Fuck 12 RT @Fi_KevROC: Police is a profession i cnt respect…..... sorry
7:37 PM · Dec 27, 2011·twicca
folks always say fuck the police, but who the fuck you gone call when your car blowing up? or when somebody rob yo mama? “fuck twelve?” oh.
1:56 PM · Aug 18, 2012·Twitter Web Client
#Justice4Vee man fuck the police fuck twelve fuck 5-0 fuck the fuzz fuck dekalb county straight up
5:15 PM · Dec 5, 2012·Twitter for iPhone
Urban Dictionary
fuck 12
“Fuck 12” means fuck the police (12 narcotics officers) the saying “Fuck 12” is mostly used in Atlanta Georgia and Oakland Ca.
MIGOS -FUCK 12 (12 kicking in tha front door)
by Trap boy 25 March 05, 2014
Posted by u/DaddyDankSack
Why do people (usually gangsters) say “Fuck 12” when yelling at cops?
Apparently 10-12 is a police code for “stand by” or “stop” just like 10-4 is code for “affirmative” (the latter of which was appropriated by truckers and radio users).
It may also be a reference to the 70s TV show Adam-12, just like 5-0 is a reference to the 70s TV show Hawaii Five-0.
Basically it’s something that people say to alert others that police are nearby, while also not tipping of the police themselves. Because police get wise to the code slang it has to periodically change, so there are a lot of slang terms for police.
I use to say FUCK TWELVE… And then I became one. Look out for the YouTube series “Twelve” #TeamNoChill #Cooder Oncoming police carPolice carPolice cars revolving light
8:43 AM · Nov 18, 2014·Twitter for iPhone
Urban Dictionary
MAY 29 WORD OF THE DAY (2020—ed.)
Fuck 12
Fuck 12 really just means fuck the police.
Daquan - Dude don’t spray paint the bridge! You’re gonna get arrested again!
Mikel- Man, Fuck 12.

by blankets4life August 08, 2017
Urban Dictionary
Fuck 12
Fuck the police.
It is said to originate as the result of the TV show Adam-12, to be in reference to a narcotics unit, or a radio code used by police themselves.
An organizer in Chicago told me that it’s because when you read police reports of when they murder someone, it’s narrated from the point of view of the cops (at 12 o’clock).
La policía, la migra, la misma porquería. Fuck 12.
by NoCopAcademy April 17, 2019

Posted by Barry Popik
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