A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from October 12, 2017
“I’ve just seen a very confusing book—‘Ventriloquism for Dummies’”

The book DOS For Dummies (1991) started a For Dummies series of instructional books. The title “Ventriloquism for Dummies” was suggested on the newsgroup alt.tasteless.jokes on June 2, 1996.
“I’ve just seen a very confusing book—‘Ventriloquism for Dummies’” was posted on Reddit—Oneliners on October 12, 2017.
Related “dummies” sayings include “I bought a book called ‘Mathematics for dummies.’ All the answers were wrong” and “The goal of the ‘for dummies’ books is to get rid of their target audience.”
Wikipedia: Ventriloquism
Ventriloquism, or ventriloquy, is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) changes his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered “dummy”. The act of ventriloquism is ventriloquizing, and the ability to do so is commonly called in English the ability to “throw” one’s voice.
Wikipedia: For Dummies
For Dummies is an extensive series of instructional/reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered. The series has been a worldwide success with editions in numerous languages.
The books are an example of a media franchise, consistently sporting a distinctive cover—usually yellow and black with a triangular-headed cartoon figure known as the “Dummies Man”, and an informal, blackboard-style logo. Prose is simple and direct; bold icons, such as a piece of string tied around an index finger, are placed in the margin to indicate particularly important passages.
In November 1991, the first title, DOS For Dummies, was written by Dan Gookin and published by IDG Books.
Google Groups: alt.tasteless.jokes
The Shortest Books Ever Written
Arthur C Clay
*Ventriloquism for Dummies*
Google Groups: comp.lang.forth
High Performance Forth      
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Leo Brodie, Julian Noble, Jack Woehr and all the other Forth book authors out there have done well, all things considered, but the clown who turned out ‘Perl in 21 Days’ probably made more in 21 days than Brodie, Noble and Woehr made combined from their efforts!  And the guy who came up with ‘Ventriloquism for Dummies’ 😊 and its ilk probably could buy his own Cray by now.
Google Groups: rec.arts.sf.fandom 
Technical Writing (was: The VhiizuBagga)
Ray Radlein
Aahz wrote:
> David G. Bell

> >
> >Books like “Windows 95 Programming for Dummies”.
> _Borland C++ for Dummies_ always seemed to me the nadir of the
> publishing industry, at least until I ran across _Customer Service
> for Dummies_.
I’m still waiting for “Ventriloquism For Dummies.”
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Ventriloquism For Dummies
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* When Bad Things Happen To Good Humor People
* Martha Stewart LOVING
* Let’s Go HELL
*The Complete And Utter Idiot’s Guide To Life
*Ventriloquism For Dummies
See them at http://www.self-helpless.com
OCLC WorldCat record
Ventriloquism for dummies : life as a comedian
Author: John Wing
Publisher: Windsor, Ont. : Black Moss Press, 2002.
Edition/Format:   Print book : Biography : English
Disturbing book title - ‘Ventriloquism for Dummies”
8:30 AM - 16 Apr 2009
Master of Science‏
I’ve got to assume there’s a “Ventriloquism for Dummies” book, right?
4:00 PM - 5 Nov 2016
I’ve just seen a very confusing book called, “Ventriloquism for Dummies.”
submitted October 12, 2017 by madazzahatter
Just seen a very confusing book… self.3amjokes
Submitted October 12, 2017 by madazzahatter
“Ventriloquism for Dummies”

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