A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 18, 2007
“Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual”

Round Rock is a growing suburb of the city of Austin, but it’s not nearly as quirky as the capital city is. “Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual” is a 2006 imitation/parody of the popular slogan “Keep Austin Weird.”
The seemingly endless imitation Texas city slogans include “Keep San Antonio Lame,” “Keep Dallas Pretentious,” “Keep Dallas Plastic,” “Keep Dallas Douche,” “Keep Houston Dirty,” “Keep Denton Chido,” “Keep Abilene Boring,” “Keep College Station Normal,” “Keep Georgetown Normal,” “Keep Wimberley Weirder,” “Keep Lubbock Flat” and “Keep Waco Wacko.”
Uploaded on February 7, 2006
by nariposa
Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual
Seen on the fridge at Graffitis in Wells Branch on Howard Lane.
All Ablog Austin (Austin American-Statesman)
Round Rock is NOT weird
By Andrea Lorenz Thursday, September 28, 2006, 10:53 AM
Round Rock resident Liz Wohl isn’t used to the sometimes sedated life in the burbs.
“The place where I live, it has a really big homeowners association. They have lots of activities they like to plan, and things seem to be very structured and organized.”
But when the outlet mall opened on Interstate 35, Wohl had had enough uniformity.
So she started making bumpers stickers that say “Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual.”
Round Rock need not incorporate Austin’s attitude. After all, that’s why one might move north: Besides the wide streets and ample parking lots, a little normalcy in the burbs isn’t such a bad thing.
“I don’t think the people of Round Rock really want to be weird, you know what I mean?” Wohl said.
Slightly odd? Maybe.
Mildly unusual Round Rockers can purchase the stickers at Java Loco’s Cafe Java on Gattis School Road. Word on Main Street is the mayor has one of the stickers on display in his office to do his part to Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual.
More Than A Minivan Mom
Friday, February 09, 2007
Random Friday
I saw a great bumper sticker today - “Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual” (a play on the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan). I basically live in Round Rock (my address is Austin, but I’m in Round Rock schools, and pay Round Rock taxes). So appropriate. One of the many reasons why Rich and I are 90% sure we are moving to SW Austin this summer. Round Rock is not even mildly unusual - it is completely conservative. completely Christian. completely Texan. I actually caught Rich saying today “she is such a Williamson County person” (Round Rock is Williamson county, Austin is Travis county). That cracked me up. We are Travis county people. 
City-Data Forum
05-01-2007, 11:59 AM
‘Keep Austin Weird” is an overplayed slogan. I once saw a bumper sticker that read “Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual.” Now that’s creative.
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
austin’s [city limits]
i’ve never been in a city that had a more interesting mix of people. it’s a place where matthew mcconaughey and lance armstrong can meet at a bar for a beer…or protein shake. a city where the motto [keep austin weird] can be seen all over the place, promoting diversity, eccentricity, and support of local mom and pop stores. of course the drive from downtown towards the suburbs brings the bumper stickers stating, “keep round rock mildly unusual”. 

Posted by Barry Popik
Texas (Lone Star State Dictionary) • Tuesday, December 18, 2007 • Permalink

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