A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from October 10, 2022
“Monday. You. Bastard.”

“Monday. You. Bastard.” is a saying that has been printed on many images. Many people do not like Monday, the tradition start of the work week.
“Hello, Monday. You bastard” was posted on Twitter by Tom Phillips on August 13, 2007. “Hello Monday, you bastard” was posted on Twitter by Jason A. Hurley on December 3, 2007. “Hello, Monday, you bastard.#mondayblues #monday” was posted on Twitter by 馃Lisa Clements 鈾嶏笍馃晧 on April 18, 2016.
“Awake after a crap sleep. Monday, you bastard” was posted on Twitter by Andrew on December 16, 2017. “Ugh…Monday you bastard…” was posted on Twitter by Abby Bonwell on March 30, 2009. “T Shirts: Monday - Monday. You. Bastard. Enough said. http://ow.ly/2C0zkH” was posted on Twitter by Skreened Feed on December 10, 2013. “MONDAY. YOU. BASTARD.” (shown on a shirt) was posted on Twitter by Tees n Taste on May 10, 2015.
Tom Phillips
Hello, Monday. You bastard.
3:08 AM 路 Aug 13, 2007路Twitter Web Client
Jason A. Hurley
Hello Monday, you bastard.
2:22 PM 路 Dec 3, 2007路Twitter Web Client
Awake after a crap sleep. Monday, you bastard.
2:49 PM 路 Dec 16, 2007路Twitter SMS
little melinda
good morning, Monday!  you bastard of a weekday…
10:47 AM 路 Mar 2, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Good morning Monday you bastard…. http://plurk.com/p/jqwje
11:08 AM 路 Mar 16, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Abby Bonwell
Ugh…Monday you bastard…
11:31 AM 路 Mar 30, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Khairul Nizam Lamin
Monday, you bastard! How dare you?!
2:08 PM 路 May 10, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Ming Jie
Monday, you bastard.
9:54 PM 路 May 24, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Monday. You bastard.
6:22 PM 路 Aug 23, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Monday, you bastard. #notwinning
3:49 AM 路 May 16, 2011路erased734497
Alan Baxter 馃拃馃摉馃憡馃
Monday, you bastard, what have you done with the weekend? I wasn’t finished with it yet!
6:49 PM 路 Jun 19, 2011路TweetDeck
Hello, Monday, you bastard
8:19 AM 路 Mar 5, 2012路Twitter for iPhone
What shirt did you wear today? 鈥 A “Monday You Bastard” T-Shirt http://ask.fm/a/5hm52fc4
12:22 PM 路 Aug 14, 2013路Ask.fm
Skreened Feed
T Shirts: Monday - Monday. You. Bastard. Enough said. http://ow.ly/2C0zkH
1:23 PM 路 Dec 10, 2013路Hootsuite
Tees n Taste
Follow on instagram: teesntasteoriginal #clothing #shirt #teesntasteoriginal #localbrand#jakarta #monday#you#bastard
(“MONDAY. YOU. BASTARD.” is shown on shirt.—ed.)
3:02 AM 路 May 10, 2015路Twitter for iPhone
馃Lisa Clements 鈾嶏笍馃晧
Hello, Monday, you bastard.#mondayblues #monday
1:59 AM 路 Apr 18, 2016路Twitter for iPhone
Google Books
Monday,you Bastard
Lined Notebook
By Agridulce 路 2016
Google Books
Monday You Bastard
Monday Haters Work Office Lined Notebook Co-Worker, Boss Adult Humor Journal Gift
By Aesthetext Vibes 路 2019
Sarah Lawrence
Hello Monday鈥..
鈥..You Bastard!
3:03 AM 路 May 16, 2022路Twitter for iPhone
Alchemist 鉂o笍
1:37 AM 路 Oct 10, 2022路Twitter for Android

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