A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“I tried memeing less, but it made my day memeingless” (7/21)
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Entry from May 28, 2021
“My pronoun is ‘Patriot’”

“My pronoun is ‘Patriot’” was posted on Twitter by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on May 25, 2021. Many people liked the tweet, and many people ridiculed the tweet—stating that “patriot” is a noun and not a pronoun.
The statement can be seen as a metaphor.  When people say, for example, “My heart bleeds red, white and blue” (the colors of the U.S. flag), this is not meant to be taken literally.
The “patriot” saying had been used earlier. “My pronoun is Patriot” was posted on Twitter by Mel P on September 27, 2019, and “My pronoun is Patriot [Flag of United States]❤” was posted on Twitter by Mel P on April 29, 2021. “My pronoun is ‘patriot’” was posted on Twitter by Dean Browning on December 2, 2020.
“What if patriot is my pronoun?” was posted on Twitter by Thomas A Brown on May 15, 2020. “Patriot is my preferred pronoun” was posted on Twitter by EatABowlOfDicks on January 13, 2021.
“Some of y’all are gonna keep trusting the Government until your pronouns are ‘was/were‘“ is another “pronoun” saying.
Wikipedia: Lauren Boebert
Lauren Opal Boebert (/ˈboʊbərt/ BOH-bərt; née Roberts, December 15, 1986) is an American politician, businesswoman, and gun-rights activist, serving as the U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district since 2021.
Wiskey Alpha Eagle of Low Earth Orbit Ops
My preferred pronoun is Patriot Master Gunner… Thank you
1:47 PM · May 6, 2017·Twitter for Windows Phone
I now identify as the Pledge of Allegiance, and my pronoun is patriot. If you wish to address me YOU must use this otherwise I am offended and will report you as disrespecting me
12:32 PM · Nov 29, 2018·Twitter for iPhone
Mel P ❤
Replying to @SirScottFord and @ScottFordTVGuy
My pronoun is Patriot
12:46 PM · Sep 27, 2019·Twitter for Android
Thomas A Brown
What if patriot is my pronoun?
1:34 PM · May 15, 2020·Twitter for Android
Jeremy Puma (he/him)
Replying to @jazzyspraxis
“My pronoun is Patriot”? *shivers*
(Referring to Mel P@superwifeinWA, who lists in a description, “my pronoun is Patriot.”—ed.)
4:47 PM · Jul 23, 2020·Twitter Web App
Replying to @superwifeinWA and @komonews
‘My pronoun is patriot’ ok yeah we didnt want you anyway enjoy Yakima
8:22 PM · Jul 23, 2020·Twitter for Android
Mel P ❤
Replying to
My pronoun is Patriot [Flag of United States]❤
5:26 PM · Oct 21, 2020·Twitter for Android
Replying to @kristie_lauraaa
My pronoun is Patriot
1:51 PM · Nov 11, 2020·Twitter for Android
Dean Browning
My pronoun is “patriot”
1:51 PM · Dec 2, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
east yorker
My preferred pronoun is Patriot #GodBlessCanada #Freedom
11:36 PM · Dec 6, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
Replying to @loudclown
Patriot is my preferred pronoun.
9:23 PM · Jan 13, 2021·Twitter for Android
Replying to @TomHavrilla and @KamVTV
I don’t identify as a bot. I identify as a patriot. My pronoun is patriot. If you do not address me as such, you are a fascist and a racist. Thank you for playing my game.
12:58 AM · Apr 22, 2021·Twitter for iPad
Mel P ❤
Replying to @catturd2
I have my pronoun in my bio.
My pronoun is Patriot [Flag of United States]❤
6:30 AM · Apr 29, 2021·Twitter for Android
Lauren Boebert
My pronoun is “Patriot”.
4:59 PM · May 25, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Dave Weigel
You’re going to scoff at thus, and in six months “My Pronoun is Patriot” will be a NYT bestseller and mandatory text in Tennessee high schools
10:19 AM · May 26, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
LGBTQ Nation
GOP Congresswoman tweets “my pronoun is patriot” & gets mocked for not knowing what a pronoun is
“I’m guessing you were not very good at Mad Libs.”

By Alex Bollinger Wednesday, May 26, 2021  
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is getting mocked on Twitter for not quite understanding what pronouns are while trying to mock the practice of sharing one’s pronouns.
“My pronoun is ‘Patriot,’” she wrote, making fun of how it’s common now in LGBTQ and progressive spaces to state one’s pronouns.
Dead State
Lauren Boebert: My pronoun is ‘patriot’ (‘Patriot’ is not a pronoun)
By Sky Palma
Posted on May 26, 2021
In a tweet this Tuesday, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert decided she’d take a dig at trans people by mocking their preferred pronouns.
“My pronoun is ‘Patriot,’” she wrote.
A wave of mockery opened up the comment thread beneath the tweet, slamming Boebert for apparently not realizing (or caring) that the word “patriot” is not a pronoun.
Com!c Sands
Lauren Boebert Gets A Brutal Grammar Lesson After Mockingly Announcing Her New ‘Pronoun’
Mike Walsh
May. 27, 2021
A pronoun is defined as a “word that can function by itself and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you ) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, this) or signifies possession (her, his, theirs).”
The word “patriot” is a plain old noun.
A noun is a “word (except a pronoun) that identifies a person, place or thing, or names one of them (proper noun).”

Patriot is defined as “a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”
News Break
Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert mocked after announcing that her pronoun is ‘patriot’
By Kate Plummer
May 27, 2021
Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been roundly roasted after she announced she would be using “patriot” as her pronoun.
The politician struggled to garner support after she tried to mock people who clarify their gender identity and show her love of America in one fell and failed swoop on Twitter.

Posted by Barry Popik
New York CityGovernment/Law/Military/Religion /Health • Friday, May 28, 2021 • Permalink

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