A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from September 22, 2004
"Nuyorican" means New York Puerto Rican.I couldn't easily beat these latest citations, from the revised Oxford English Dictionary.

Neorican, n. and a.
orig. and chiefly U.S.
[< NEO- + Rican (in PUERTO RICAN a.), after American Spanish neorriqueño (1964 as adjective in the title of a work by J. Carrero), blend of neoyorquino (adjective) from New York (see NEWYORICAN n.) and puertorriqueño (adjective) Puerto Rican (see PUERTO RICAN n. and a.). Cf. American Spanish neorican, noun and adjective (1989 or earlier), neoricano, adjective (1987 or earlier).]
A. n. A Puerto Rican native to or inhabiting the U.S., esp. New York City; (also) a Puerto Rican inhabitant formerly resident in the United States. Cf. NEWYORICAN n.
1965 J. CARRERO in San Juan Rev. Apr. 11/2 My friend is big man a new man man Neo-Rican a big man man Big man, my friend is big Neo-Rican A Jethua man. 1972 San Juan Star 16 Nov. 29 (heading) Neorican lauds Populares' victory. 1980 B. B. LEVINE Benjy Lopez xxiii. 185, I know the Puerto Ricans... I know the Neoricans, too. I know their ways... The Neorican has a lot of complexes.

Newyorican, n. and a.
orig. and chiefly U.S.
Forms: 19- New Yorican, Newyorican, New Yorrican, Newyorrican, Nu Yorican, Nuyorican. [Blend of the name of New York (see NEW YORK n.) and PUERTO RICAN n., perh. partly after Spanish neoyorquino New Yorker. Cf. earlier NEORICAN n. and a.
With the forms in Nu-, cf. NU-.]
A. n. = NEORICAN n.
1974 N.Y. Affairs Spring 101 An increasing number of..New York Puerto Ricans began identifying themselves as New Yoricans or Ricans. 1975 Sunday San Juan Star 5 Oct. (Outlook) 5/2 Newyoricans have adapted themselves..out of a desire to discover their 'roots'. 1980 R. S. CRESPI tr. M. Maldonado-Denis Emigration Dialectic vii. 124 The rejection of those who have come to be called New Yorricans should be understood in all its cultural and social dimensions. 1991 Atlantic Monthly Dec. 107/2 The percentage of mainland Puerto Ricans who live in New York has dropped steadily over the years, and if you exclude Nuyoricans from the social and economic statistics, Puerto Ricans look much less like an underclass. 1997 Village Voice (N.Y.) 6 May 99/5 It's a rich, exuberant legacy that most Nuyoricans have reverence and deep nostalgia for.
B. adj. = NEORICAN a.
1976 Drama Rev. 20 46 (title) The relationships between the races may be the most therapeutic and unique facet of Nuyorican Theatre. 1988 P. MANUEL Pop. Musics Non-Western World (1990) ii. 42 Many of Cortijo's texts..became quintessential expressions of the 'Newyorican' culture of the housing projects and slums. 1998 Time Out N.Y. 2 July 73/3 You'll hear Nuyorican soul, acid jazz, salsa, jazz-funk and more.

Posted by Barry Popik
Workers/People • Wednesday, September 22, 2004 • Permalink

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