A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from August 09, 2013
Ramen Burger

A “Ramen Burger” is a hamburger with a ramen noodle bun. The dish was created by Keizo Shimamoto and was served at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg in August 2013. The burger also contains shoyu sauce, peppery arugula and scallions.
“Ramen Burger” was trademarked on August 2, 2013.
Ramen Burger
The next big thing thing in Ramen and Burgers. The Ramen Burger. Created by Keizo Shimamoto.
We love Ramen. We love Burgers. Therefore, we want you to love the Ramen Burger. Some have claimed to have tried one before, but this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A fresh USDA Prime ground beef chuck patty sandwiched between two craftily formed buns made from freshly cut ramen noodles. Accompanied by a special sauce, concocted by Keizo Shimamoto himself, and choice market fresh vegetables, the Ramen Burger is the next big thing in Ramen and Burgers. Two of your favorite foods in one!
(Release date August 2, 2013—ed.)
100 Ramen Burgers Coming To Smorgasburg Saturday
By Nell Casey in Food on Aug 1, 2013 12:59 PM
Get ready to line up extra early at Smorgasburg this Saturday because the Sun Noodle stand will be selling burgers with ramen “buns” to the first 100 souls willing to face the world before noon on a weekend. Noodle master Keizo Shimamoto is bringing his Ramen Burger creation to the waterfront market as a kind of trial run for a potential restaurant in the future.
The burger consists of a 75-25% blend patty, a generous slathering of shoyu sauce, peppery arugula and a scattering of scallions. In lieu of bread, Shimamoto griddles discs of Sun Noodle ramen noodles in sesame oil until they are crisp, then stuffs the “buns” with the burger and fixins. He’ll employ the PleatPak, an innovative burger wrapper, to ensure all the soup-y goodness from your burger doesn’t leak onto your Urban Outfitters Minor Threat T-shirt.
New York magazine—Grub Street
The Ramen Burger Is Back This Weekend
8/8/13 at 09:00 AM
A sprawling line of 500 people reportedly formed in the rain last weekend after chef Keizo Shimamoto announced last week that he’d have supplies to make a mere 150 ramen burgers at Smorgasburg, so it’s only natural that he’d come back for an encore performance. This week he’s bringing in enough noodles and beef to make 300. The market opens at 11 a.m. if you want in, and it’s never too early to start giving yourself a pep talk
Food Republic
Aug 8, 2013 10:00 am
What’s With This Hybrid Food Craze That Has Taken Over New York City?
Cronut. Ramen burger. Pizzagiana. Will it stop?

By George Embiricos
Visitors to Brooklyn food fair Smorgasburg this past weekend got the chance to try out the “ramen burger.” The brainchild of chef Keizo Shimamoto, who hopes to open a standalone ramen burger restaurant, the item consists of a beef patty wrapped in fried ramen noodles instead of a bun. Line wait times hovered around two hours for the opportunity to taste one of the 150 burgers, which sold out. It should be noted that this weekend marked only the product’s debut — it is already being heralded as “the next cronut.”
Business Insider 
People Are Going Absolutely Crazy For The ‘Ramen Burger’
Megan Willett Aug. 8, 2013, 11:30 AM
Could chef Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Burger be the next big food craze in NYC, rivaling Dominique Ansel’s cronut?
It certainly appears so. If you haven’t heard of the Ramen Burger, it’s a burger surrounded by two patties made of fried ramen noodles with a secret shoyu sauce, scallions, and arugula. Here’s what it looks like.
Goods and Services IC 030. US 046. G & S: Noodle buns
IC 043. US 100 101. G & S: Restaurant services and catering services; Mobile restaurant services
Standard Characters Claimed
Serial Number 86027910
Filing Date August 2, 2013
Current Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Owner (APPLICANT) Ernest K. Shimamoto INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 2360 Adair St. San Marina CALIFORNIA 91108
Attorney of Record William R. Samuels
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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