A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from March 27, 2005
Smoky City (summary)
The Dictionary of Americanisms has 1853 for "Iron City" and 1850 for "Smoky City." "Steel City" would come in the 1890s.

All are connected to the same industry and are seemingly outdated for the Pittsburgh of today.

(OCLC WorldCat)
Title: The Iron City and Pittsburgh weekly chronicle.
Publication: Pittsburgh, Pa. : R.G. Berford,; United States; Pennsylvania; Allegheny; Pittsburgh.
Year: 1841-1842
Frequency: Weekly
Description: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 27, 1841)-v. 1, no. 40 (Aug. 27, 1842).; 1 v. :; ill. ;; 59 cm.
Language: English
Standard No: LCCN: sn 85-54645
Note(s): Published every Saturday.
General Info: Daily ed.: Morning chronicle (Pittsburgh, Pa. : 1841).
Class Descriptors: LC: Newspaper 9591
Other Titles: Iron City
Succeeding Title: Iron City, and Pittsburgh Saturday morning chronicle; (OCoLC)2262770
Material Type: Newspaper (new)
Document Type: Serial

4 June 1842, The New World (NY), pg. 367:
THE IRON CITY. - This is the title of an excellent weekly paper published at Pittsburg, Pa.

July 1842, Ladies Repository, pg. 216, col. 1:
No wonder that the Iron City is called a city of smoke. It is so

26 November 1846, Pittsfield (MA) Sun, pg. 2:
THE IRON CITY. - Probably no market out of Europe is capable of bearing so great an amount of iron at once as Pittsburg, and there is none on this continent where anything like so heavy an amount is sold in so short a time. Pittsburgh is emphatically the Iron city of the Western World, and her trade and manufactures of this metal are steadily and rapidly increasing.

15 December 1881, Grand Traverse Herald (Traverse City, Michigan),
supplement, pg. 3?, col. 2:
Popular Names of States and Cities.
Virginia, the Old Dominion.
Massachusetts, the Bay State.
Maine, the Border State.
Rhode Island, Little Rhody.
New York, the Empire State.
New Hampshire, the Granite State.
Vermont, the Green Mountain State.
Connecticut, the Land of Steady Habits.
Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.
North Carolina, the Old North State.
Ohio, the Buckeye State.
South Carolina, the Palmetto State.
Michigan, the Wolverine State.
Kentucky, the Corn-crackers.
Delaware, the Blue Hen's Chicken.
Missouri, the Puke State.
Indiana, the Hoosier State.
Iowa, the Hawkeye State.
Wisconsin, the Badger State.
Florida, the Peninsular State.
Texas, the Lone Star State.
Philadelphia, the Quaker City.
Boston, the Modern Athens; the Hub.
New York, Gotham.
Baltimore, the Monumental City.
Cincinnati, the Queen City.
New Orelans, the Crescent City.
Washington, the City of Magnificent Distances.
Chicago, the Garden City.
Detroit, the City of Straits.
Cleveland, the Forest City.
Pittsburgh, the Smoky City.
New Haven, the City of Elms.
Indianapolis, the Railroad City.
St. Louis, the Mound City.
keokuk, the Gate City.
Louisville, the Fall CIty.
Nashville, the City of Rocks.
Hannibal,m the Bluff City.
Alexandria, the Delta City.

15 November 1883, Herald and Torch Light (Hagerstown, Maryland), pg.1,
col. 7:
Alexandria--Delta City.
Alton, Ill.--Tasselburgh.
Baltimore--Monumental City; City of Mobs.
Boston--Modern Athens; The Hub.
Brooklyn--City of Churches.
Chicago--Garden City; City of Sin.
CIncinnati--Queen City; Porkopolis.
Cleveland--Forect City.
Denver--City of the Plains.
Detroit--City of the Straits.
Duluth--Zenith City.
Hannibal--Bluff City.
Holyoke, Mass.--Paper City.
Indianapolis--Railroad City.
Kansas City--Mushroomopolis.
Keokuk--Gate City.
Lafayette--Star City.
Little Rock--City of Roses.
Louisville--Falls City.
Lowell--City of Spindles.
Madison, Wis.--Lake City.
Milwaukee--Cream City; City of Beer and Bricks.
Minneapolis--City of FLour and Sawdust.
Mobile--Shell City.
Nashville--City of Rocks.
New Haven--City of Elms.
New Orleans--Crescent City.
New York--Gotham; Empire CIty.
North Adams, Mass.--The Tunnel City.
Pekin, Ill.--Celestial City.
Peoria, Ill.--Whiskeytown.
Philadelphia--Quaker City.
Pittsburg--Smoky City.
Quincy--Gem City.
Racine, Wis.--Bell City.
Rochester, N. Y.--Flour City.
San Francisco--'Frisco.
St. Paul--Gem City.
St. Louis--Mound CIty; Future Great.
Toledo--Corn City.
Washington--City of Magnificent Distances.

7 October 1884, Daily Miner (Butte, Montana), pg.1, col. 6:
Nicknames of American Cities.
The following are some of the queer nicknames of American cities:
Pittsburgh, Smoky City; Alexandria, Delta City; Cincinnati, Porkopolis; Boston, Modern Athens, the Hub; New York, Gotham; Nashville, City of Rocks; Indianapolis, Railroad City; Detroit, City of the Straits; Denver, City of the Plains; New Orleans, Crescent City; Baltimore, Mountain City; Washington, City of Magnificent Distances; New Haven, City of Elms; Racine, Wisconsin, Belle City; Little Rock, City of Roses; Mobile, Shell City; Kansas City, Mushroomopolis; Lowell, City of Spindles; ; Minneapolis, City of Four; Holyoke, Massachusetts, Paper City; North Adams, Massachusetts, the Tunnel City; Peoria, Illinois, Whiskytown; Alton, Illinois, Tassleburg; Pekin, Illinois, Celestial City.

25 August 1889, Boston Daily Globe, pg. 17:
Aberdeen, Scotland, Granite City.
Alexandria, Egypt, Delta City.
Akron, O., Summit CIty.
Athens, Greece, City of the Violet Crown.
Baltimore, Md., Monumental City.
Birmingham, O., Bran Town.
Boston, Mass., Puritan City; Modern Athens; Hub of the Universe; City of
Notions; Athens of America; The Hub.
Brooklyn, N.Y., City of Churches.
Buffalo, N.Y., Queen City of the Lakes.
Baalbec, Syria, City of the Sun.
Cairo, Egypt, City of Victory.
Cincinnati, O., Queen City; Porkoplis; Queen of the West; Paris of America.
Chicago, Ill., Garden City.
Cleveland, O., Forest City.
Cork, Ire., Dirsh-ren City.
Dayton, O., Gem City.
Detroit, Mich., City of the Straits.
Edinburgh, Scot., Maiden Town; Northern Athens; Modern Athens; Athens of the
Gibraltar, Key of the Mediterranean.
Hannibal, Mo., Bluff City.
Havanna, Cuba, Pearl of the Antilles.
Indianapolis, Ind., Railroad City.
Jerusalem, Palestine, City of Peace; City of the Great King.
Keokuk, Iowa, Gate City.
Louisville, Ky., Falls City.
Limerick, Ire., City of the Violated Treaty.
Lowell, Mass., City of Spindles; Manchester of America.
London, England, City of Masts; Modern Babylon.
Lynchburg, Va., Hill City.
Milan, Italy, Little Paris.
Nashville, Tenn., City of Rocks.
New Haven, Conn., City of Elms.
New Orleans, La., Crescent City.
New York, N.Y., Gotham; Empire City; Metropolitan City.
Philadelphia, Penn., Quaker City; City of Brotherly Love; City of Homes.
Pittsburg, Penn., Iron City; Smoky City; Birmingham of America.
Portland, Me., Forest City.
Paterson, N.J., Lyons of America.
Rome, Italy, Eternal City; Nameless City; Queen of Cities; Seven Hilled
City; Mistress of the World.
Rochester, N.Y., Flour City.
St. Louis, Mo., Mound City.
San Francisco, Cal., Golden City.
Salem, Mass., City of Peace.
Salt Lake City, Utah, City of the Saints.
Springfield, Ill., Flower City.
Streator, Ill., City of the Woods.
Sodom and Gomorrah, Cities of the Plain.
Toledo, O., Corn City.
Venice, Italy, Bride of the Sea.
Washington, D.C., City of Magnificent Distances.
Winnipeg, Man., Gate City of the Northwest.
Xenia, O., Twine City.
Zanesville, O., City of Natural Advantages.

23 September 1889, Decatur (IL) Daily Dispatch, pg. 2?, col. 5:
Baltimore is the "Monumental City."
Boston is the "City of Notions," "Hub of the Universe," "Puritan City," "Athens of America" or "Modern Athens."
Brooklyn is "The City of Churches."
Buffalo is "The Queen City of the Lakes."
Chicago is "The Garden City" or "Lake City."
Cincinnati is "The Queen City." Cleveland is the "Forest City."
Detroit is the "City of the Straits."
Indianapolis is the "Railroad City."
Keokuk is the "Gate City."
Louisville is the "Falls City."
Lowell is the "City of Spindles."
Milwaukee is the "Cream City."
Nashville is the "City of Rocks."
New Haven is the "City of Elms."
New Orleans is the "Crescent City."
New York is the "Empire City" or "Gotham."
Philadelphia is the "City of Brotherly Love."
Pittsburg is the "Iron CIty."
Rochester is the "Flower City."
St. Louis is the "Mound City" or "Future Great."
Washington is the "City of Magnificent Distances."

17 November 1893, Boston Daily Globe, pg. 2:

He May be Dean of the
Theological School.

Tireless in Energy is This
Pittsburg Savonarola.

Plutocrats of Steel City
Called to Account.

3 March 1894, Lowell (MA) Daily Sun, pg.2, col. 6:
Popular Names of Cities.
The nicknames given to the various prominent cities in the United States
are as follows: Brooklyn, City of Churches; Boston, Hub of the Universe;
Baltimore, Monumental City; Buffalo, Queen City of the Lakes; Chicago, Garden CIty;
CIncinnati, Queen CIty; Cleveland, Forest City; Detroit, City of the Straits;
Hannibal, Bluff CIty; Indianapolis, Railroad CIty; Keokuk, Gate City;
Louisville, Falls City; Loweel, City of Spindles; New York, Gothan, Empire City; New
Orleans, Crescent City; Nashville, City of Rocks; New Haven, City of Elms;
Philadelphia, Quaker CIty, City of Brotherly Love; Pittsburg, Iron City; Portland,
Me., Forest City; Rochester, Flour CIty; St. Louis, Mound CIty; Springfield,
Ills., Flower City; Washington, City of Mangificent Distances.

11 November 1898, New York Times, pg. 1:

Andrew Carnegie Says Colorado Ex-
cepted, No Other District in the
World Can Compare with It.

PITTSBURG, Nov. 10. - At the annual banquet of the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce to-night, which was attended by the most prominent manufacturers, bankers, and merchants of the Iron City, Andrew Carnegie, the guest of honor, referring to Pittsburg's supremacy in tha manufacture of steel, said:

"Gentlemen: There is not a district in this world to which the Pittsburg district cannot to-day send steel and pay the freight and deliver that steel as cheap or cheaper than it can be made at the point of delivery, if we except Colorado, to which the freight is greater than the difference in cost of manufacture at the two points. Should the South be successful in its present attempt to manufacture steel, we may have to except another point. Colorado excepted, the Pittsburg district has the whole world to-day at its feet. Pittsburg is indeed the steel city.

3 November 1909, Washington Post, pg. 2:

Senator Penrose's Efforts Awakened In-
terest in Steel City Issue.

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