A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 06, 2005
Tammany Hall
(Oxford English Dictionary)
a. The name of the central organization of the Democratic party in the City (formerly also in the State) of New York, located in Tammany Hall, in 14th Street, New York. In English use the name has become esp. associated with the political and municipal corruption which at various times has characterized the government of New York. Also applied transf. to any similarly corrupt political organization or situation.
Tamanen, Tamene, Taminent, Taminy was the name of an Indian chief with whom W. Penn had transactions for land 1683 and 1697. Some time prior to 1771 the name became 'canonized', and from 1772 for about twenty years 'Saint' (or 'King') Tamina, Tamany, Tammany (generally identified with the chief of Penn's time) was regarded as the tutelar saint of Pennsylvania and other northern colonies or States, and the day assigned to him, May 1st (Old Style), May 12th (New Style), appropriated to popular celebrations, festive gatherings (often with some benevolent object), etc. From 1782 the name became associated with Societies established on a more or less permanent basis, of which that organized in New York is mentioned in 1787. The one which in 1790 is recorded as the 'Society of St. Tammany' and 'the Sons of St. Tammany and Columbian Order', and which in its constitution is claimed to be 'founded on the true principles of patriotism, and has for its motives charity and brotherly love', soon developed strong political activity, and by c 1810 had become the head-quarters of the Democratic Party (then called the Republican Party) in the State and City of New York. (From notes supplied by Mr. A. Matthews, Boston, Mass.)

1683 in Pennsylv. Archives (1852) I. 62, I, Tamanen..for me and my heirs and assignes doe graunt and dispose of all my Lands Lying betwixt [etc.]. 1683 PENN Wks. (1782) IV. 305. 1771 W. EDDIS Lett. fr. Amer. (1792) 115 The Americans on this part of the continent have..a Saint..The first of May is.. set apart to the memory of Saint Tamina. 1772 Pennsylv. Chron. 4 May VI. 63/2 On Friday..a number of American Gentlemen, Sons of King Tammany, met at the House of Mr. Bryn, to celebrate the Memory of that truly noble Chieftain... It is hoped..a Society may be formed of great Utility to the Distressed; as this meeting was more for the purpose of promoting Charity and Benevolence, than Mirth and Festivity. Ibid. 15 June VI. 85/1 The Sons of St. George, St. Patrick, St. Andrew, St. David, and King (or Saint) Tamany. 1773 in Pennsylv. Mag. Hist. & Biogr. (1902) XXV. 446 The natives..have adopted a great warrior sachem and chief named Tammany..to be the tutelar Saint of this Province [Pennsylvania]. 1779 New Jersey Jrnl. 4 May in N.J. Archives Ser. II. III. 310 Saturday last being the anniversary of St. Tamany, the titular St. of America. 1785 WASHINGTON Diary 2 May in Pennsylv. Mag. (1893) XVIII. 412 Accepted an invitation to dine with the Sons of Saint Taminy [at Richmond, Virginia]. 1787 New York Jrnl. 3 May 3/1 Tuesday last, being St. Tammany's Day (the Tutelar Saint of America) the St. Tammany Society of this City held their Anniversary Meeting, at the Wigwam at Halls. 1790 Ibid. 11 May 3/3 To-morrow..the annual feast of St. Tammany will be celebrated by the Sons of St. Tammany and Columbian Order, at their wigwam on the banks of the Hudson. 1805 (title) An Act to incorporate the Society of Tammany, or Columbian Order, in the City of New York. Passed April 9, 1805. 1838 W. IRVING in Life & Lett. (1866) III. 126 Yesterday I had a full deputation from Tammany Hall..informing me that I had been..nominated as Mayor. 1850 WHITTIER W. Leggett Pr. Wks. 1889 II. 200 The democratic committee issued its bull against him from Tammany Hall. 1901 'MARK TWAIN' Speeches (1910) 114 Great Britain had a Tammany and a Croker a good while ago. 1910 Encycl. Brit. II. 142/2 The spectacle of a Clerico-anti-Semitic tammany in Vienna had strengthened the resistance of the better elements in the country. 1980 J. BARNETT Palmprint xiii. 137 You're been out in the Caribbean before... Politics here are pure Tammany Hall circa 1900.
b. attrib. and Comb., as Tammany-organization, -ring, -tariff, -ticket; Tammany-ridden adj.; Tammany tiger, the symbol of the New York Tammany Society.

1871 Harper's Weekly 11 Nov. XV. 1056 The Tammany Tiger Loose.What are you going to do about it? 1872 O. W. HOLMES Poet Breakf.-t. vi. (1885) 155 The Tammany Ring..is to take the place of the feudal lord. 1872 RUSKIN Fors Clav. II. xiv. 10 A complete Tammany Ring and lowest circle in the Inferno of the Worst. 1887 J. CHAMBERLAIN in Times (weekly ed.) 14 Oct. 3/1, I cannot accept as desirable..the degradation of the great city of Belfast and the province of Ulster to a Tammany ring in Dublin. 1894 Daily News 5 July 5/6 'The Tammany Tariff'..appears to refer to the rates at which certain abuses and violations of the law have in that city been able to enjoy a practical immunity. 1899 Ibid. 29 May 6/7 Even Tammany-ridden New York has made up its mind to construct a new underground system. 1901 Scotsman 7 Nov. 4/2 His opponent..was backed by the immensely powerful Tammany organisation. 1953 Manch. Guardian Weekly 12 Nov. 2 Wagner, son of the late New Dealer swallowed up his opponents..leaving a broad smile on the face of the Tammany tiger.
Hence (chiefly nonce-wds.) Tammanial a., of or belonging to (St.) Tammany; Tammanify, Tammanize, Tammany vbs., trans. to influence or dominate by, or as by, Tammany; whence Tammanied ppl. a., Tammanification, Tammanization; also Tammanyism, the system or principles of Tammany; Tammanyite, one who adopts the methods and principles of Tammany, an adherent of Tammany.

1791 J. PINTARD in Amer. Daily Reg. (N.Y.) 16 May, Before them was borne the cap of Liberty; after following seven hunters in Tammanial dress, then the great standard of the society. 1793 (May 15) in G. Meyers Hist. Tammany Hall (1901) 10 At Tammanial Hall in Broad street.
1882 Tribune (N.Y.) 5 Apr., A resolution striking the names of the Tammanyites from the caucus roll. 1893 in Westm. Gaz. 1 Nov. 3/1 For a section of the Press to Tammany London in the interests of the contractors and themselves. 1898 Daily News 28 Mar. 7/2 The charge brought against the Progressives of Tammanyfying London. 1899 Westm. Gaz. 14 Feb. 2/3 From all accounts Tammanied New York is anything but an ideal place in which to live. 1903 Daily Rec. & Mail 11 Nov. 4/3 A charge of paving the way for Tammanyism. 1909 Sat. Rev. 24 Apr. 518/1 To prevent the Tammanisation of London.
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