A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from November 02, 2006
Texas Mickey

A “Texas Mickey” is a large bottle of liquor sold in Canada. A “mickey” is a smaller liquor bottle. The term “mickey” is cited from 1914, and “Texas mickey” is from 1972.

Both terms are from Canada and are not usually used in the United States. “Texas” was probably added because the state is associated with giant things.
(Oxford English Dictionary)
mickey, n.
colloq. (chiefly Canad.). A small bottle of liquor, holding usually 375 ml (13 oz.).
1914 L. E. JACKSON & C. R. HELLYER Vocab. Criminal Slang 58 Micky, current amongst bottle drinkers. A corruption of Michael..a flask of liquor. 1926 J. BLACK You can’t Win vi. 66 A four-bit micky, a fifty-cent bottle of alcohol. 1950 H. SUTTON Footloose in Canada 5 An American pint holds 16 ounces, a Canadian ‘mickey’, 12 ounces of rye, or 13 ounces of Scotch. 

Urban Dictionary
1. texas mickey
Big ass bottles of liquor sold at Canadian liquor stores. Comes in CC Rye, Bacardi Rum, Crown Royal and Absolut Vodka. $100 for 3 Litres (almost a gallon)
joe: whadya wanna do tonite?
bob: lets get a texas mickey and some hoes
joe: dude i’m sick of your mom

by ThaOriginal Jan 25, 2005
2. texas mickey
Canadian term for mythical - to outsiders anyway - 3 litre (101 oz) glass liquor bottle available at liquor stores in Canada. Contains vodka, rum, or best of all, Canadian rye whiskey. The comically oversized nature of a texas mickey makes it a perfect party showpiece, which is more or less the main reason such bottles exist. for an equal amount of money, more alcohol could be had by buying two 60 oz bottles, but that wouldn’t be half as awesome, would it? Pouring from a texas mickey is not very practical so the bottle is usually supplied with a small pump to go on top. Nobody throws out a texas mickey after they’re done with it - it goes on display for at least a little while so that when you hold your next party, you can point at it and say “last week we drained that thing in a night, eh?” Also, there are no texas mickeys in Texas…despite the name, the origin of the term is 100% Canadian.
Mike: So how was the party last night?
Dave: Dude, it was totally sweet. We got a texas mickey and split it between us. We got sooooo tanked.

by bikehorn2 Toronto Apr 25, 2006
Google Groups: rec.arts.comics.misc
From:  Scott Burns
Date:  Sat, Dec 3 1994 6:13 pm

Every month they all get together and wrestle in vasiline with a texas mickey of whiskey. They all get drunk and horny and then they write an issue in one night.
Google Groups: alt.drunken.bastards
Date:  Mon, Feb 27 1995 6:47 pm
Darin Michael Wist (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) wrote:

: Our annual texas mickey party is this weekend and the flavor for
: this year’s festivities is white rum. I know that there are endless drink
: possibilities for this fine spirit
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From:  hannahs date at the 88s
Date:  Thurs, Aug 16 2001 11:14 pm

>ubject: Re: Americans Full of It?
>From: “GeoGoddess” .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
>Date: 14/08/2001 09:40 GMT Daylight Time
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>Actually, here in Canada… a *fifth* is 1/2 of 750ml…..375 ml

well . . . I do believe a fifth Is in fact a fifth of a US gallon/i.e. 25 1/6
ounces approx

a half bottle is a ‘mickey’

a 1.75 liter bottle is a TEXAS mickey

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From:  andre
Date:  Fri, Jul 25 2003 11:18 pm
mickey: A small bottle of booze (13 oz)
(A Texas mickey, on the other hand, is a ridiculously big bottle of booze, which, despite the name, is still a Canadianism through and through.)
20 June 1972, Winnipeg Free Press, pg. 21, col. 5 classified ad:
Texas Mickey bottle $8.

Posted by Barry Popik
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